This is the IonFalls project website. This project originated in 2008 as an experiment to create a BBS system using modern software tools while keeping the nostalgic look and feel of traditional BBS systems from the 1980’s and 1990’s. The original website and project pages were lost around 2010 under the OpenTelegard name.  Much effort has been made to restart the project, write documentation, and prepare for a first official release. The following is the README file that ships with the software distribution:


IonFalls Project https://www.ionfalls.org
== About
IonFalls is BBS software system written from-scratch. It is modeled to be similar to those BBS systems that were popular in the 1980’s and 90’s. There is still a large community of BBS enthusiasts and as the older BBS programs age and technology continues to advance, a new generation of software is emerging. IonFalls aims to become a viable choice in the new ecosystem of BBS software and offer a solid choice for operators new and old to adopt and use for many years to come.

=== What are the Goals?
* Create a usable BBS software.
* Recreate the feel and configuration of systems such as Telegard, Tag and Maximus.
* Design using a modular architecture for easy modification and code maintenance.
* Provide customization features for operators and end-users.
* Build using modern open-standards (language, compilers, libraries, etc).
* Make Internet Ready on both IPv4 and IPv6, and in theory any protocol stack.
* Focus on security: use encryption, password complexity rules, no backdoors, etc.
* Integrate with current internet Mail Gateways as well as support some legacy BBS networks such as FidoNET.

=== See Also
* IonFalls Website (https://www.ionfalls.org)

=== Additional Utilities
As the software expands, additional tools will be developed in order to speed
up the adoption of the software. Here are the top 3 planned utilities:

* [complete] : IONTHEMER – GUI to manage Theme Files more easily
* [planned] : ANSI2FTL – Converts ANSI graphics to Template files
* [planned] : FIDO2MSG – Imports FidoNET feeds into Message Areas

== License & Copyright
See “LICENSE” file included with the distribution source and binary packages.