December Project Update

Tons of commits have been made to the code providing new features, enhancements, and many bug fixes:

  • Initial work started on an Administration Menu, for managing settings and configuring the system features.
  • Terminal handling, and manipulation via JLine3 is being integrated.
  • IonEditor : a full screen text editor for composing messages has been integrated, replacing the need to callout to external editors such as ‘nano’ or ‘vim’. IonEditor uses JLine3 for terminal handling.
  • Updates to the runtime, including JRuby 9.25 and OpenJDK 11.
  • Fixes to IonTemplate to provide template authors the ability to clear the screen.  Also fixed a long-standing bug for non-paginated renders where an extra line was appended.

Here are screen shots of the Administration menu, including the BBS Configuration, and Signup Form customization screens: