IonFalls Theme Editor v1

I am pleased to announce that the IonFalls Theme Editor (ionthemer) is completed and will be available as part of the final release. Features include:

  • Graphical mode application (currently tested on KDE-qt5 and MacOS-cocoa toolkits)
  • Loading and Saving template files from disc
  • Syntax Highlighter within the editor to distinguish colors and known variables
  • XML based highlighter rules to provide customization and easy future expansion
  • Colors &  Text effect selectors via radio buttons to quickly insert the correct variable
  • Insert Variable feature to inject a properly formatted placeholder variable.
  • Compiled and tested on MacOS and Linux desktops.

While it does not provide syntax checking, nor advanced freemarker tags/logic, I have already found it very useful working with the output templates. Here is a screenshot on KDE (NetRunner), this time using a lighter windowing theme. It shows editing of he BBS Directory Listing template. The documentation is available in the Wiki.


If you have comments or suggestions, please email the project mailing list.